Garmin Introduces New Vector S

Today at Eurobike, Garmin announced a new affordable power meter option – the Garmin Vector S.  Garmin has basically taken their Vector pedal set and packaged a single pedal as a power meter.  This is a move following in the footsteps of companies like Stages by offering a left only option.  This brings us to an affordable price point of $899, comparable with their competition.  Now what is really cool, is should down the road you want to upgrade to the full Vector system, you can purchase the right pedal for $699.

So what do you get for your $899 investment:

– 1 left sensing pedal with Garmin Vector (the pedal looking thing)
– 1 right pedal with no sensor (just to match the left)
– 1 Vector communications pod (the silver pod looking thing)
– 2 cycling shoe cleats (for left/right)
– Some o-rings
– Some metal washers
– 1 ANT+ mini-USB stick for firmware updates/configuration



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