Surviving The Tri-olidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years)

You have to persevere.  My goal as a coach is to help you come through the holiday without packing on the stuffing from the Turkey.  This requires work from me, but more importantly requires dedication and control from you the athlete.  The biggest problem for athletes during the holiday season is maintaining consistency.  Remember though that the cornerstone of a strong foundation of training is consistency.

Now don’t confuse what I am saying.  Coaches aren’t asking you to be in A race shape or even race shape.  What we are asking is that you stay focused and come out the other side fit enough to train properly for your season.

This doesn’t mean you can’t have your spiked egg nog, or your pumpkin pie.  It simply means don’t hang out around the dessert tray and return to your fraternal drinking days.  Remember though this the time to give back to the village that has supported you all season long.  Just maintain some balance and don’t be a lazy triathlete.

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