David Lowther —

“Rode it 20 miles Friday and 20 Sunday without nearly the fatigue I might typically feel.  Totally different bike.  I can’t thank you enough…Well worth the $” 

 Korrie Hicks, Triathlete —

“I came to Justin primarily with concerns on how inefficiently I was delivering power through my pedal stroke.  We also addressed my chronic hip pain and foot numbness.  

Through the bike fit process Justin made a few minor (yet significant) adjustments to my cycling shoes, aero bars, and seat position. I noticed a significant change in how I could put more power down on the pedals more efficiently and smoothly, I felt I could go a lot faster on the bike with less effort.  I’ve had several bike fits throughout the years and I have never felt such an instant change in power output like I did with this fit.   I was totally impressed with his genuine concern throughout the bike fit process.

If your goal is to feel more comfortable and go faster on the bike with less effort, I highly recommend Fit Endurance” 


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