Cycling Gear – ISM Adamo Attack Saddle Long Term Review

We have spent nearly half a season now on the ISM® Adamo Attack saddle, logging some nearly 3,500 miles on it.  ISMAttackSideProfile

ISM® or Ideal Saddle Modification™ is the genius of Steve Toll.  Triathlete Magazine voted the ISM® Attack their 2013 Best in Class, and for good reason!  The idea was simple, most saddles were uncomfortable so lets remove what makes them uncomfortable.  We had been riding traditional road saddles for years, and upon switching the the Attack saddle we had no idea what to expect.


Two things are obvious about the ISM® Attack – the saddle is split, and a few centimeters are missing from the nose.  While it may seem odd, this is what makes this saddle comfortable.  It took us some miles to get this saddle dialed in, but once we had the position right and our sit bones (those things on your pelvis other saddles have ignored) had time to become accustomed to their new task we were very pleased.  The first obvious result was the improved comfort – no longer were we putting pressure on those important parts of our body.  This became even more evident after riding one of our road bikes some days later not equipped with an ISM® saddle.  That experience left us wondering how we ever managed those long hours in the saddle.

One of the additional benefits besides comfort with the ISM® saddle is the increase in performance and power.  This is achieved through what we can only attribute to the ability to rotate your pelvis further forward and the saddle holding you more square, meaning that you are shifting ISMAttackRearProfileleft or right on the saddle and effectively changing your bio-mechanics.

While ISM® currently offers 13 other saddles than the Attack, we chose the Attack because it had the narrowest transition from front to back, allowing for more fore/aft movement.  This was important since we put a lot of miles on our triathlon bike and live in a mountainous area.  The Attack measures 270mm long and 110 mm wide and is available in Black, White or our their new USA color theme.

The Verdict

The ISM® Attack is good enough it could possibly change your life.  While the Attack may not be the right shaped saddle for you, ISM® without a doubt probably has a saddle for you.

MSRP $249.95


Written by: Editor-in-Chief