When Things Heat Up


Summer is finally here, temperatures are rising and your training is has reached peak levels for those mid-season races.   We all know that heat, humidity, and the sun bearing down on us creates extra stress during our races, and the same is true for our daily training sessions.  I myself have had to readjust my training methods having recently moved from the rather cool climate of San Francisco to the hot and often humid Austin, Texas.

Here are some proven game changers to take your training to the next level when the thermometer soars.

  1. Adjust Training Slowly:  You don’t have to start all your training sessions at 4am to avoid the heat, but conversely it would also be foolish to immediately do all your training sessions during the warmer parts of the day.  Begin by slowly integrating your shortest sessions in the warmer parts of the day giving your body time to adapt.  Once you begin to adjust to the warmer conditions you can slowly start to increase the duration of your training during this time.
  2.  Let Your Heart Rate Guide You: we have two variables in training, input and output.  Our heart rate is an input variable, and pace/power are output variables.  We can use heart rate to control our effort, but we must understand that in the beginning our pace and power will likely be lower than we would see at a similar heart rate in more favorable conditions.  So set a cap, or ceiling on your heart rate and keep your effort controlled.  Often once we cross this threshold when it’s hot we struggle to regulate our core temperature making it nearly impossible to get our heart rate back down.
  3. Increase Daily Hydration – We want to not only increase our hydration during training, but we want to increase our hydration around the clock.  This means more fluids, more electrolytes (because we are sweating more out), and more water dense foods (veggies, fruits, etc).  Some suggestions are having 24oz of water in the morning and evening with electrolyte tabs, eating watermelon with salt (sweat and savory), keeping a water bottle with you during the day subconsciously helping you intake more fluids.
  4. Listen To Your Body – Make sure you listen to your body when training in the heat.  If you experience dizziness, do you feel nauseated, like you have a fever?  These are signs you are pushing your limits and it’s probably time to call it a day.

To learn more or take your training to the next level contact us at fitendurance@gmail.com to learn about our coaching.

Surviving The Tri-olidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years)

You have to persevere.  My goal as a coach is to help you come through the holiday without packing on the stuffing from the Turkey.  This requires work from me, but more importantly requires dedication and control from you the athlete.  The biggest problem for athletes during the holiday season is maintaining consistency.  Remember though that the cornerstone of a strong foundation of training is consistency.

Now don’t confuse what I am saying.  Coaches aren’t asking you to be in A race shape or even race shape.  What we are asking is that you stay focused and come out the other side fit enough to train properly for your season.

This doesn’t mean you can’t have your spiked egg nog, or your pumpkin pie.  It simply means don’t hang out around the dessert tray and return to your fraternal drinking days.  Remember though this the time to give back to the village that has supported you all season long.  Just maintain some balance and don’t be a lazy triathlete.

Gnocchi with Yams, Kale, and Sausage

This is a quick, flavorful dish that provides good carbohydrates along with some protein.


1 pound potato gnocchi 

2 bunches kale (washed, rib removed, and sliced into bite size slices)

2 yams, diced 

1 clove garlic, minced

1 pound italian chicken sausage, sliced

extra virgin olive oil

sea salt and black pepper


Preheat oven to a low setting or turn on warming drawer.  In saute pan (nonstick or brushed with olive oil) saute gnocchi in olive oil until crisp and browned. Season w/ salt and pepper.  Place in oven safe dish and place in oven.  In same pan add more olive oil then brown the sausage.  Add to dish of gnocchi.  Now add garlic, kale, and yams to pan.  Season with salt and pepper.  Cook until yams are tender.  If pans get dry add a small amount of water (helps soften yams).  When the yams are soft mix with gnocchi and sausage.  Enjoy.