2014 SUBARU IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship Pro Start List


1 Sebastian Kienle DEU M/PRO

2 Terenzo Bozzone NZL M/PRO

3 Tim Reed AUS M/PRO

4 Joe Gambles AUS M/PRO

5 Tim Don GBR M/PRO

6 Jan Frodeno DEU M/PRO

8 Will Clarke GBR M/PRO

9 Leon Griffin AUS M/PRO

11 Brad Kahlefeldt AUS M/PRO

12 Kevin Collington USA M/PRO

14 Matt Chrabot USA M/PRO

15 Samuel Appleton AUS M/PRO

16 Tim Van Berkel AUS M/PRO

17 Brent Mcmahon CAN M/PRO

18 Lionel Sanders CAN M/PRO

19 Callum Millward NZL M/PRO

20 Ruedi Wild CHE M/PRO

21 Jeremy Jurkiewicz FRA M/PRO

22 Ben Hoffman USA M/PRO

23 Trevor Wurtele CAN M/PRO

24 Igor Amorelli BRA M/PRO

25 Andreas Dreitz DEU M/PRO

26 Filip Ospaly CZE M/PRO

27 Josh Amberger AUS M/PRO

29 Nils Frommhold DEU M/PRO

30 James Cunnama ZAF M/PRO

31 Javier Gomez ESP M/PRO

32 Clayton Fettell AUS M/PRO

33 Albert Moreno ESP M/PRO

34 Ben Collins USA M/PRO

35 James Seear AUS M/PRO

36 Alexander Reithmeier AUS M/PRO

37 Boris Stein DEU M/PRO

38 Bart Aernouts BEL M/PRO

39 Domenico Passuello ITA M/PRO

40 John Polson AUS M/PRO

41 Ivan Rana ESP M/PRO

42 Jesse Thomas USA M/PRO

43 Jordan Rapp USA M/PRO

45 Patrick Lange DEU M/PRO

47 Ronnie Schildknecht CHE M/PRO

48 Johannes Moldan DEU M/PRO

51 Victor Debil-Caux FRA M/PRO

Pro Women:

101 Melissa Hauschildt AUS W/PRO

102 Annabel Luxford AUS W/PRO

103 Catriona Morrison GBR W/PRO

104 Heather Wurtele CAN W/PRO

105 Heather Jackson USA W/PRO

106 Svenja Bazlen DEU W/PRO

107 Lisa Huetthaler AUT W/PRO

108 Meredith Kessler USA W/PRO

109 Jodie Swallow GBR W/PRO

110 Daniela Ryf CHE W/PRO

111 Helle Frederiksen DNK W/PRO

112 Radka Vodickova CZE W/PRO

114 Angela Naeth CAN W/PRO

116 Melanie Mcquaid CAN W/PRO

117 Margaret Shapiro USA W/PRO

118 Rachel Mcbride CAN W/PRO

120 Susie Hignett GBR W/PRO

121 Ruth Brennan Morrey USA W/PRO

122 Valentina Carvallo CHL W/PRO

123 Laura Bennett USA W/PRO

124 Emma-kate Lidbury GBR W/PRO

125 Camilla Pedersen DNK W/PRO

126 Mary Beth Ellis USA W/PRO

127 Lauren Barnett USA W/PRO

128 Amber Ferreira USA W/PRO

129 Magali Tisseyre CAN W/PRO

130 Carolina Furriela BRA W/PRO

131 Laura Siddall GBR W/PRO

132 Hallie Blunck USA W/PRO

133 Lisa Mensink CAN W/PRO

134 Rebeccah Wassner USA W/PRO

135 Astrid Ganzow DEU W/PRO

136 Andrea Forrest AUS W/PRO

Website: www.Ironman.com

The Hard Charging Meredith Kessler

Written by: Justin A. Green

Meredith Kessler is one of the dominant forces to be reckoned with in the triathlon world.  She is a prolific podium finisher, having won every race she has entered this year besides Oceanside 70.3 where she finished 3rd.  I had the fortune of meeting Meredith this past offseason and have ridden with her on a few occasions. Besides being a phenomenal athlete, she is genuinely one of the nicest people I have the pleasure of knowing.  Meredith has been kind enough to talk with us about her 2014 season thus far and her plans for the future.

Ironman 70.3 St. George
Meredith crushing the bike at Ironman 70.3 St. George

Fit Endurance:  Congratulations on winning Challenge New Albany this past weekend.  Looks like that is your 5th win of the season, quite impressive!  It also appears this was your first race with the Challenge Family of races, and in front of a home town crowd nonetheless.  What did you think about the inaugural Challenge New Albany race and your experience with the race organization?

MBK: Thank you so much for taking the time to chat Justin – I really appreciate it greatly! It was a tremendous experience racing in our home town at the inaugural Challenge New Albany. It was a special day having friends and family, who have never had a chance to witness a triathlon event, cheering on the course for all the athletes and getting wrapped up in the spirit of the day. The race director and Challenge did a fantastic job in bringing multiple distance triathlon racing to Columbus, OH and I am sure they will be there for years to come. They really took care of the pros which makes us all want to come back and the age groupers truly enjoyed themselves which translates into a first class race experience. The Midwest humidity hit me hard as expected yet that is par for the course!

Fit Endurance:  So it looks like you have a bit of a break from racing until 70.3 Worlds in Canada.  How do you plan to prepare for this next block of racing?

Meredith with coach Matt Dixon

MBK: My coach, Matt Dixon, and I always map out the year at the beginning of the season with the past few years placing more of an emphasis of trying to come into the championship races as close to 100% as possible. However, even the best laid plans take detours during the long triathlon season but we have been happy with how the progression has turned out in 2014. Right now, the focus was on recovery from the two most recent races, Vineman and Challenge New Albany, and now we bear down with some hard work at a training camp in Marin county with Purplepatch and Team Every Man Jack – training partners (and great friends) that I’m fortunate to get to train with every week. The goal is to come into Mt. Tremblant with some hard pockets of training under the belt through August with concentration also on nutrition, hydration, recovery and LIFE.

Fit Endurance: You are known for doing a majority of your bike training on the trainer at SHIFT SF where you are an instructor.  Tell us about this approach and how others, maybe time crunched age groupers can make it work for them.

MBK: When I first went with Matt Dixon and Purplepatch nearly a decade ago, I told him that I would do what it takes to get better and reach goals without sacrificing the balance in my life of family, friends, and work. To be able to achieve this, I had to get more efficient in my training, work and life. One of the main factors in this was being able to get my bike training done indoors which (at the time) avoided the 4-6 hour long bike rides outside. It was about quality over quantity which is so important when time is not on your side as it is in everyone’s life. The bottom line is that age groupers need to evaluate their lives every 6 months, figure out what is important to them, eliminate the pain points, and become more efficient so they can maintain that crucial balance.

Meredith and her husband Aaron

Fit Endurance: You recently celebrated your 6 year anniversary, congratulations! How did you meet Aaron, and how has he influenced your racing as you shifted from working on Wall St to racing as a full-time professional triathlete?

MBK: My mom was Aaron’s first grade teacher! I truly think she had him picked out for me way back then! We are high school sweethearts and met when The Columbus Academy shifted from all boys to coed and started dating when he was a junior and I was a freshman. As you can see, we know each other very well, what makes us tick, and what’s important in our lives. He was a three sport athlete in high school and played college baseball at Harvard so we both understand what it takes to participate in athletics at a high level. I am JUST the technician who executes on race day while there is a support team of trusted individuals who are behind the scenes and Aaron is our CEO! Without this network, it would be tough to succeed in triathlon. Aaron has brought stability to the business side of racing which is one of the reasons a lot of professional triathletes have trouble reaching their goals. It took us a long time to lay the foundation to be able to leave a secure finance job and be comfortable moving forward in the professional ranks. He was instrumental in helping us make this happen.

Fit Endurance: If you could give our readers a single tip to make their triathlon journey more enjoyable, what would it be?

MBK: It is vital to look at the race as a celebration of all the dedication one has put into the day. The hard work has been accomplished and if you have put in the proper preparation then you should go into the race with a calm, open and free mind. Muscle memory should take over and one must relish in the moment. You will understandably feel a nervous anticipation before the race. The highs will be high, the lows will be low. Forge ahead , gather your gumption and keep calm and carry on – it will all  come together and be worth it when you sprint down the finishing shoot!

Fit Endurance: Looks like your newest sponsor is Boardman Bikes. What do you like about this fairly new brand to North America? Any other new sponsor news we should know about?


MBK: We take partner relationships very seriously and towards the end of each year, we evaluate all of these relationships and figure out which ones we can improve upon. Once again, professional racing is a business and your coach, support team, and partners are all facets of your business so if one is lagging, you need to make the tough decisions to go elsewhere. We had been speaking with Boardman the past few years because they are recognized as one of the best bikes in the industry with a living legend, Chris Boardman, as the main driver of the company. The stars aligned and we were able to work out a partnership beneficial to us both. In doing so, it is such a luxury to know that we are riding one of the best bikes in the business while being able to showcase the brand to North America.

We are continually on the lookout for new partners who will be beneficial to our racing and business. The goal is to work with companies who are innovative in their niche business, would benefit from working with the triathlon community, are cutting edge in their approach, and to some extent, may not be your traditional sponsors associated with the sport. You have to think outside the box to continue to build your brand and fortify lasting relationships.

Thanks again so much for your time Justin!  I’m wishing you all the best in YOUR training, racing and in your new business – congratulations!


Learn more about Meredith Kessler by visiting her website http://www.meredithkessler.com/

Weekend Wrap Up for August 2-3, 2014

This weekend saw the inaugural Ironman Boulder event, the extreme Norseman triathlon, the Libery Mile in Pittsburgh, a resurgence of sorts for American running at the Beach to Beacon 10k and of course the Commonwealth Games.

Ironman Boulder

Boulder, Colorado
August 3, 2014
S 2.4 mi. / B 112 mi. / R 26.2 mi.

In it’s inaugural debut, the Ironman Boulder race saw both Justin Daerr and Danielle Kehoe of Colorado become the victors on the day.  Not only did they both hail from Colorado, this was also their first Ironman wins as professionals.  Justin battled back on the run to catch Sir Richie, and Danielle pushing from beginning to end opened up a massive lead. While the altitude certainly favored the locals, the temperatures hovered in the mid-80s making things difficult for everyone.

Photo: Nils Nilsen/Triathlete


1. Justin Daerr (USA) 8:20:26
2. Richie Cunningham (AUS) 8:30:38
3. Scott Defilippis (USA) 8:54:19
4. Curt Chesney (USA) 8:56:45 * M 45-49
5. Steven Zawaski (USA) 9:01:53
6. Mark Hillers (USA) 9:14:44
7. Owen Hammond (USA) 9:15:30 * M 35-39
8. Billy Edwards (USA) 9:19:40 * M 35-39
9. Uzziel Valderrabano (MEX) 9:21:55 * M 45-49
10. John Garita (CRI) 9:23:13 * M 25-29


1. Danielle Kehoe (USA) 9:19:54
2. Laura Bennett (USA) 9:43:59
3. Christine Hammond (USA) 9:53:04
4. Morgan Chaffin (USA) 9:57:28
5. Nicole Callan (USA) 10:01:13 * F30-34
6. Uli Bromme (USA) 10:12:53

Norseman Extreme

Eidfjord, Norway

Norseman Extreme finishes the brutal marathon atop a mountain summit!

August 3, 2014
S 3.8k / B 180k / R 42.2 k


1. Allan Hovda (NOR) 10:52:07
2. Lars Christian Vold (NOR) 11:09:41
3. Per Morten Ellingsen (NOR) 11:14:58
4. Lars Petter Stormo (NOR) 11:21:08
5. Kjell Magnus Antonsen (NOR) 11:39:34


1. Line Foss (NOR) 12:56:27
2. Maggie Rusch (USA) 13:39:13
3. Trude Gran (NOR) 13:45:34
4. Melanie Wasley (GBR) 13:47:19
5. Marit Vala (NOR) 13:50:15

3rd GNC Live Well Liberty Mile

Bring Back the Mile Grand Prix Tour 2014
Pittsburgh, PA, Friday, August 1, 2014

Jordan McNamara winning the Liberty Mile in 4:02



1) Jordan McNamara (OR), 4:03, $4000
2) Leo Manzano (TX), 4:03, $2500
3) Trevor Dunbar (OR), 4:04, $1500
4) Jack Bolas (SC), 4:05, $800
5) Jake Edwards (OH), 4:07, $500
6) Daniel Quigley (OR), 4:07, $325
7) Daniel Stockberger (IN), 4:08, $150
8) Brandon Hudgins (NC), 4:09, $100
9) Landon Peacock (VA), 4:10, $75
10) Tony Jordanek (OH), 4:10, $50

1) Gabriele Grunewald (MN), 4:32*, $4000
2) Heather Kampf (MN), 4:33, $2500
3) Sarah Brown (CA), 4:33, $1500
4) Angela Bizzarri (WA), 4:34, $800
5) Lauren Penney (NJ), 4:34, $500
6) Christy Cazzola (WI), 4:37, $325
7) Stephanie Charnigo (NJ), 4:42, $150
8) Stephanie Brown (AR), 4:44, $100
9) Brigitte Mania (NJ), 4:50, $75
10) Melissa Agnew (MN), 4:54, $50
*Tied event record (4:32, Heather Kampf (MN), 2013)

MASTERS (40 and older)
1) Daniel Pszeniczny (46 / PA), 4:36, $500

1) Sonja Friend-Uhl (43 / TN), 4:57, $500

For complete results and more, go to: LibertyMile.org

Beach to Beacon 10k

Beach to Beacon, founded in 1998, is one of the most competitive 10k road races in the world.  Shalane Flanagan narrowly lost to Gemma Steel.  Flanagan was mere inches away from being the first ever American winner.

Cape Elizabeth, Maine

August 2, 2014

Beach to Beacon
Gemma Steel and Shalane Flanagan, shoulder to shoulder with 2k to go. Photo: Stacey Cramp


1 27:37.0 4:27 Bedan Karoki Muchiri 23 M 6 KENYA

2 27:43.1 4:28 Stephen Kosgei Kibet 27 M 14 KENYA

3 27:50.4 4:29 Ben True 28 M 3 Hanover NH

4 27:57.0 4:30 Patrick Makau 29 M 5 KENYA

5 28:15.0 4:33 Micah Kogo 28 M 1 KENYA


1 31:26.7 5:04 Gemma Steel 28 F 105 UK

2 31:27.0 5:04 Shalane Flanagan 33 F 102 Usa

3 31:51.9 5:08 Diane Nukuri-Johnson 29 F 113 Iowa City IA BURUNDI

4 32:20.1 5:13 Jordan Hasay 22 F 108 Beaverton OR

5 32:30.8 5:14 Aselefech Mergia 29 F 104 ETHIOPIA